"I’m an independent photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand.
I love my job, I love the people and businesses that I work with.
A single strong image is worth more than you can imagine...."

My name is Bryan Lowe and I was born to amazing parents who wanted me to become a doctor, a lawyer, or an accountant.... so I became a photographer. Instead of being a meticulous number cruncher I became a meticulous and prodigious image creator and Im hell bent on loving all things creative.

My big passion is volunteering as Canteen NZ's photographer. For over 2 years Ive built a close relationship with both the staff and members, and proud to support the incredible young people living with cancer. Being a part of this fantastic organisation has changed my life.
Im driven by the process of creativity and expansion of creativity using what ever is at hand. Further photographic work can be found at

Auckland Central
Available New Zealand & World Wide
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M. 0211.804.939

Reel September 2015

Member profiles for Canteen, Sepmtember 2015.
I have worked with a number of commercial clients through agency

5 Reasons to use me as your professional photographer
  1. A professional photographer is able to bring their experience and skill to solve the requirements of any brief. I have completed projects/campaigns for a large number of both corporate and "indie" companies. I bring years of full time professional experience and creative direction to any sized project.
  2. Quality of service and product is my driving force. I believe in producing high end quality work no matter what the job is.
  3. I also believe that photography and the images I create have a value. I charge accordingly. However all of my clients see this also and know the importance of that first impression that images can make to their business and the negative impact a bad image can make. Your front end client facing images are worth more than any words or descriptions and will either make or break your sales
  4. LowePhoto has built an extensive network of suppliers and producers so that I can scale from small one to one clients to multilevel advertising campaigns. All levels of production can be organised through a simple process.
  5. I believe in what I do.
Professional and personal projects
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